Last month I visited the Salton Sea again last time I was there i previously posted some images from my phone.  This time I took all my gear, and was playing with new lenses and camera.  I wanted to try some work with the HDR techniques, this has not worked out quite the way i wanted but some good shots none the less.  I am still missing something but I was trying to create a view of another world, a window into "middle earth." Not necessarily middle earth as in Tolkien but a different place, world or time that is not quite real but almost could be.



Web store

I am working on a way for people to purchase work.  After the semester in school was done I have been able to work on my personal art. I will be adding more work as time goes buy and I am really looking ahead to try and move this forward.  stay tuned


Bold New World

An early morning sunrise taken with hipstamatic.  What have we here this is very SciFi new world to me yet it is the world we live in.  I love the light and dark contrast, and the overall green over tone.

i love how this shot takes me to a new world a new place to be.   A new place to boldly go that Captain Kirk has never been.


Half Dome and El Capitan

Yosemite National Park is truly one of California's most beautiful wonderful places.  This view of Half Dome and El Capitan was shot on the way in to the park.  This view was truly breathtaking as I drove into the park.  Just stunning at what the eons of the earths movements can create.


Bleeding Hearts

I shot these quite a while ago and i am surprised i have never posted them.  I have a few others but these are my favorites.  I was going through a rough patch with my art and life and decided to actually use my art to express it.

I went with the theory of using ordinary objects to create a passionate image of pain.  Shot using ordinary strawberries knife and a white smooth ceramic surface coupled with a few other ticks up my  sleave I believe I was very successful in these images.  So please enjoy my bleeding hearts


Spanish Guitar

This is an older shot that I have never done any thing with.  I have a whole bunch of shots of street musicians, mostly because I love music and i love hearing it out in the world.

Music and art are important parts of life and so tied with each other it is incredible.  For me music is inspiring to create art.