California Beaches

This is a shot from La Jolla Shores last weekend.  I believe this is an anchor point from one of the kelp beds brought up from the floor from the recent storms.  The ocean is truly amazing to me and somehow the things that are a part of it created great pictures.

We were supposed to do an open ocean dive this day but the dive instructor thought that it was a poor day to dive and the trip was canceled but a walk on the beach produced this image.


Americana: Fear an Loathing in the American West: Daley Ranch

Americana: Fear and Loathing in the American West: Untitled 

Americana Fear and Loathing in the American West: Barred Doors

Americana Fear and Loathing in the American West: Workers
Another visit to Americana, another abandoned spot, another lost moment in time.  I have always enjoyed photographing these scenes and felt I should send more to my audience.  So for today I give the fear and loathing again.  The titles are in Hommage to the great Hunter S. Thompson who so many years ago inspired me to create this series.

I know it dose not seem to make a horrible lot of sense to every one out there as to why I use this.  To me there is an energy in these photos much like the writing of Dr. Thompson and the overall feeling of a lost american dream the proliferates through his writings.


Stone Cali Belgique IPA

Stone Cali Belgique IPA 
Stone Cali Belgique IPA
Spring has definitely sprung this week in San Diego.  Monday was quite warm and after about a four mile hike in Escondido, Ca at the Daley Ranch (See previous post) We decided it was well past beer thirty.  If no one has gone to the Stone Brewing Co. restaurant where the brewery is located I must encourage it the food is great and the beer is top notch.

Ok so back to the photographs, armed with only an Iphone and Hipstamatic this day I for somereason decided to shoot the grounds through the glass.  I guess this somewhat gives new meaning to beer goggles, hahaha.  I enjoy these shots, and the pints.  Good evening all.


New Horrors a Revisit to Americana

A new vision of a horror story or nightmare.  Welcome back to fear and loathing in the american west.  Again i have been shooting loads lately and am excited to revisit some of my previous loves of abandoned buildings.  I am now far from my previous subjects in the high desert, these were shot in Escondido, Ca at Daly Ranch a beautiful hick if you are interested, also these beauties show up near the end.

I love abandoned old buildings and feel they need som documentation.  I hope to shot these Horrific findings again soon.  I hope I will remember to bring some thing other than my phone.