Live Circus

I know its late but I find myself awake and listening to music.  Mostly I cannot sleep tonight because I have got a ton of ideas running through my head and felt i should put them on paper or hard disk before i fall asleep and forget them.  

However, while writing an email to my bosses and listening to some Tom Waits the song Live Circus a lyric fit perfectly with this image, and got me thinking about trying to shoot some more to go along with this song

So while I write this i find myself thinking what other inspiration might my iTunes have form me????  This you all for checking this out and expect new great things to come, ideas are pouring in. Also, i must thank you Mr. Waits for years of musical enjoyment and inspiration. 



Just an extremely fun shot of these balls that you are supposed to walk around on in water.  it would be extremely fun with some models in these.


Summer TIme

Sorry to all of those paying attention to my absence its been kinda busy for me lately.  Any way thank you every one for over 1000 views to my page keep them coming, and click on some adds if you can.  That was a joke.

Well given that we are in the midst of summer i though I would share some of my latest beach adventures.  Carlsbad lagoon about two weeks ago, pretty fun times kayaking around the lagoon.


American: Fear of the American Dream

Was browsing through old pictures today and came upon these, My Americana series.  These shots have gone a long way.  The television and couch was even in a show in Europe.  These have always been some of my favorites and hope to come back to this series one day and expand on it and move deeper into my fears of what people think is normal American wants and dreams.

I feel it is killing us our consumer culture our, our lethargy.  Americans have become complacent as long as our TV's continue to get larger, our couches softer and our asses fatter, we are all victims of our own indulgences. 


Blue Reflections

I took these over a year ago and They have sat collecting hard drive moths.  Overall I think these came out great.  The deep blues are great the reflections are perfect.