Iron Fist

Went to iron fist brewery last weekend. I love this place and their beers. A little different for San Diego county. Let's if Belgium style ales.

The people here are always very friendly and often in weekends they bring local food trucks in to serve food while you drink the beer.


Thy Self and Father on the Cross

I shot this simply because it was too weird seeing my initials at the center of the cross.  Message from god? I dont know really I had had a few glasses of wine at this point.


I am never sure when i use random what will happen with hipstamatic. This shot came out really well personally i love the lens flare


Vineyard Sunrise

Early September grape harvest at Sunrise Vineyards in Escondido Ca.  Shot with the hipstamatic on the iPhone lens: lucifer vi, film: blanko

This was a lot of hard work but at the same time it was a a ton of fun.  Not to mention a beautiful location,  I truly wish i had remembered to bring my camera on this trip but i think i got great result from the . Check out Grape Harvest Photos For a slide show of the rest of the shots from this event.



Ok every one nothing great to say about this one I just like it, good night


Sea Scape: Abstract 1 and 2; Catalina Island California

Sea Scape Abstract 1; Catalina Island California

Abstract 1: While on a weekend camping trip to Catalina Island at the end of August i decided to try a new take on a sea scape. The Fist done with large f-stop and shutter open for 1/2 second, gave the blurring effect.  The blue is near true to color but is upped in Light-room.  The opacity comes from the use of polarizer.

Sea Scape: Abstract  2; Catalina Island California
Abstract 2: the opposite done with shutter @ 1/160 th of a second and 5.6 f-stop.

Overall Trying a different take on ocean scape photography.  I love the ocean and i love the sea shore but its time something new was attempted.  I think these are somewhat successful and may follow up with other ocean locations.


Spirits 2

So another Addition to my spirits series.  I like the idea of a figure behind something obscuring.  I am trying to creat a mystical spirit look looking into the idea of lost souls.



A month or so ago we went to the opening of the spanish masters exhibit at the san diego county museum of arts.  This was a fun event music cocktails and wonderful art.  While i was there i decided to pay tribute to my favorite Spanish master Salvador Dali.

These shots were taken not so much in the style of Dali but in the spirit.  Using the Dali lens and film in the hipstamatic iPhone app i created these strange and surreal images of an art opening.

I owe a lot to Salvador Dali in my inspiration and life.  His art is one of the reasons i started using my talent to create art and not simple drawings.