Post number 2 for today trying to make up for my absence.  Shot this little bugger while out for a walk last night.  I liked him and wished i could have captured his web a little better it was probably around 5 ft in diameter how awesome is that any way good night all share with your entomologist friends

A Welcome Cool Down on a Hot Day

 Entrance to the Air Condition Lounge in south park San Diego.  I love the entrance you would almost miss it walking down the street. During the Taste of Adams avenue event we came by this place as our last stop on the tour.  Unfortunately we missed the food offerings but the bartender was still offering the drink specials.
Part of the interior of the air conditioned lounge the plain exterior opens to a swanky 70's or 80's lounge with sweet decor and swingin' time



Magic Mushrooms

Actually i believe they are shittakki however they look like the faeries have been near.  This was a happy accident shooting through a glass dome designed to create humidity for the mushrooms to grow.  I think what happened is the camera picked up the subtle glow from the moisture inside of the dome.  That combined with the "infrared" look created buy the hipstamtic settings created this visually stunning view of mushrooms.



The entrance to the meditation gardens in Ojai, Ca.  What a peaceful place you could truly spend hours siting in these gardens and meditating,  It is truly a place you can sit of peace.



Sorry For the missed day every one so starting again Artisan Cheeses in San Francisco.  This is what cheese looks like every one it is not pre-sliced, shredded or in shrink wrapped blocks


False Jellies

All Images © 2011 Jerry H Slough
I found the interesting while walking on Ventura Beach in late February.  To me these look like Jelly Fish something i have already fallen in love with photographing.  These were rocks in the sand that the receding water left delicate tentacles behind like the water dancing jellies.


All Images © Jerry H Slough 2011
These Succulents roadside near my home are out of control weird and were deserving of being photographed.  They seriously look like they are straight off the set of start trek


Jackpots and Strippers

 Fremont St. Las Vegas.  I'm still waiting for LV to live up to expectations however it is always good for photos.  Late night on Fremont St

All Images ©Jerry H Slough



Take a Seat and Read

Just Read © Jerry H Slough
One of my favorite pass times.  Well minus the coffee,  this is at Barts Books in Ojai, Ca.  This book store is almost all outside, there are some books for sale outside the walls that are basically on the honor system.  I love bookstores, used books and reading.  This shout with its high contrast highlights and deep shadows to me encompasses the mystery of a bookstore.


Im Going for a Walk.

It was actually before dinner but hey.  took the dog for a walk took the iPhone with me.  This was a fun image, trying new downloads to hipstamatic.  So every one is extremely lucky today and gets 3 images.

All Images © Jerry H Slough


Tears ©2011 Jerry H. Slough

Tears II ©2011 Jerry H. Slough
Thought for a third post I would share more Hipstamatic images with you today. 


Street Car © Jerry H Slough

San Francisco, Ca May 2011

Red Lights

Red Lights © Jerry H Slough

I have decided in the interest pf promoting myself and trying to get my work into the world, to start using the interweb to my advantage so bear with me as I work out the design flaws and make this as good as possible.

So post one is at the Supper Club in San Francisco, Ca.