Day 10

Digging through images and came by this one taken at the Carlsbad lagoon. Quite a but of editing on this one. but it came out fairly good. However, i think there is a re edit in the future. After i just put it up i think it needs some re-cropping. Any way let me know what you think.

Day 9

More images from the point loma tide pools.


Day 7

Nothing to say on this one

Day 6

For day 6 which should have been posted yesterday more Jelly Fish. Sorry if any body is actually reading this but yesterday was a long day at work.

I enjoy the way these creatures appear to be dancing gracefully through a stage of one of the most volatile things on earth.

The ocean can reshape the earth in minuts yet the creatures playfully dance through their liquid stage. Next time you go to an aquarium spend some time with these creatures and watch them as they move.


Day 5

Trying for a different take on the tide pools at Point Loma in San Diego, Ca. It was a pretty overcast day and threatening to rain when i was there. I think I got several god shots ill be looking through them over the next few days and seeing what i can get out of them.


Day 4: Me Again

I thought I would lay off the jelly fish for today. Try for another self portrait. These were my first experience using the remote camera app for my canon. What an awesome app. To be completely free of the camera is totally awesome. Now if my tripod was in working order and i had more lighting i probably would have done a little better on these any way i think they came out pretty good for limited equip and limited time to work on them,

These were submitted to a self portrait contest and i hope some thing comes of it still waiting for a response.


Day 3

"The Majesty"

For some reason this shot seems noble to me. This Jellie fish looks to be the ruler of the see in this frame. Again this image is a bit older however, it is valentines day and i have a few other priorities other than carrying a camera around today


Day 2 more jellies

None of these are brand new yet, but any way this is another in my Jellyfish series. I love they way the look like dancers or faries in their aquatic domains. These simpilest of creatures.


Day one part 2

Ok in the interest of trying to make this more frequently I am going to start with a few that are a little bit older until i start getting in the habit of carrying my camera around again.

So to start this off i am going to post my series of jellies. I lve jellie fish and i hope some day to be able to actually dive near them and get live photos. This series was photographed at the Scripps and Monterey Bay aquariums in california. I plan to keep this series going so you readers you may see repeated eventually and i hope that you enjoy my interpretation of these amazing creatures.

Day one

Alright I am attempting to post a photo a day to this blog. Hopefully some one will take notice of this poor struggling bastard.

So i figured i would start with a picture of myself so here it is. please check back often