Sea Scape: Abstract 1 and 2; Catalina Island California

Sea Scape Abstract 1; Catalina Island California

Abstract 1: While on a weekend camping trip to Catalina Island at the end of August i decided to try a new take on a sea scape. The Fist done with large f-stop and shutter open for 1/2 second, gave the blurring effect.  The blue is near true to color but is upped in Light-room.  The opacity comes from the use of polarizer.

Sea Scape: Abstract  2; Catalina Island California
Abstract 2: the opposite done with shutter @ 1/160 th of a second and 5.6 f-stop.

Overall Trying a different take on ocean scape photography.  I love the ocean and i love the sea shore but its time something new was attempted.  I think these are somewhat successful and may follow up with other ocean locations.

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